Steve's Story

  • Steve K.
    I wanted to be able to paint. I'd never had any training so I worked on paint by number kits. First on canvas board, then on canvas. I reached a point where the results were excellent. But I knew that I was only filling in blanks, not learning techniques. I tried watching DVD's and working from books, but I just wasn't getting what I needed to be successful.Then someone told me about a wet on wet oil painting class at a local hobby store. After two four hour classes with ten other students I realized I wasn't really learning anything. I would leave with a nice painting, but the teacher did most of it. Rather than tell me specifics on how I could improve, he would just take my brush and do it for me. I was ready to just give up on my dream of becoming an oil painter.
    Steve K.
Steve's "Walking in the Rain" (one of two bonus paintings) won a regional VA Art Award and advanced to the national competition.

Our Focus

Alexander Art works with those who want to reconnect with the artist they used to be or become the artist they want to be. We help folks discover their artistic potential, release their creative power, and become accomplished, confident artists.

Linda's Story

  • Linda W.
    With Alexander Art and Master Class my life has changed. I have learned techniques and concepts to teach me to be the artist I want to be. I have gained the confidence to start and finish a painting that I am proud to give my family and friends and to sell. I am painting things I never would have thought possible. I have met so many wonderful people all over the world. In Master Class you are never alone.
    Linda W.

Express Yourself Through Art


All Bill's Secrets Revealed!

Start with the Introductory Course. When you finish you'll have the opportunity to continue your training with the Intermediate and the Advanced Courses.


Three separate courses, designed to take you from a novice painter to advanced artist.
Five paintings in each course with bonus paintings in the Intermediate and Advanced Master Courses.



We offer:

  • A complete curriculum that will take you from complete beginner to a confident, accomplished artist

  • Personal feedback on your paintings to guide you along your journey to self-expression

  • Paint especially designed for the Alexander Method™ which assures your success at the canvas

  • Lessons based on the principles of great art handed down by the Old Masters

Alexander Art helps you create beautiful oil paintings faster and easier than you ever believed possible even if you've never picked up a paintbrush in your life.

Your Guide

Alexander Master Artist Tom Anderson

Alexander Master Artist Tom Anderson teaches our Master Class. No one knows the Alexander Method™ better. He has made teaching others to paint his life's work.

As a lifelong learner and a student of the Old Masters, he has traveled the world viewing their art. Other than Bill, no one will teach you to paint the Alexander Method™ better than Tom.

Tom's Students Say...

Myrtle's Story

  • Myrtle B.
    Nothing seemed to work for me. I spent as much time scraping off as I did painting. Of course I had no way of knowing then, but I know now, it was partly the paint. I had no idea what I was doing, just that I really, really wanted to learn to paint. I was quite often disappointed in the work I had spent so much time trying to accomplish. I did watch quite a few videos on line, but there always seemed to be something missing. I knew from day one, that Mr. Anderson's teaching techniques were exactly what I needed, if I was ever to learn to paint properly. I have really enjoyed every class, and every video that I have seen. Mr. Anderson does a masterful job of explaining elements of the paintings, and demonstrating exactly how it's done, then giving us a chance to make our copies. My copies are priceless references when I get ready to begin my painting. I just love it! I am excited to see what Alexander Art has for us next! There is so much more that I need and want to learn before I run out of steam!
    Myrtle B.


How much would private lessons with a master artist cost you? How many hours would it take to learn the basics of oil painting and then create five beautiful works of art? It could cost you as much as $6,000 and months of training to learn to paint the way you'll learn in Master Class for a fraction of that price. And you'll have the lessons on video so you can return to them over and over. 

  • Spinning your wheels trying to learn from amateur videos on the Internet?
  • Buying DVDs that require you to be a master artist to use them?
  • Is the teacher finishing your painting at the workshops you attend?

We know these don't work. With Master Class, in only a few short weeks you will be creating beautiful art you'll be proud to give as gifts or maybe even sell.

Start with the Introductory Course.  Upon completion of the course, you'll have the opportunity to continue your training by enrolling in the Intermediate and the Advanced courses. 

Achieve your dream of becoming an artist. Enroll in Master Class today.

Master Class Comes With Our Risk-Free Painting Guarantee and These Bonuses

How our "Risk-Free Painting Guarantee" works. Within 30 days:

  • Paint "The Birch Tree"
  • Get Feedback from our Mentors
  • If you decide not to continue:

We will refund your payment with no questions asked.

  • Step-by-Step Video Instruction by Master Artist, Tom Anderson

  • Personal Feedback and Guidance From Trained Artists

  • Weekly Live Q&A Zoom Meetings With Your Peers

  • Discount on all Alexander Products

  • Proven Path to Excellence

  • Progress at Your Own Pace

Enroll in the Introductory Course today.


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Two Bonus Modules

Enroll in Master Class and get access to:

  • Bonus Video Module Includes:
    • How to prepare a canvas - the right way - the way no one is telling you how to do it (and why!)
    • Clean up with our environmentally friendly solution - you can buy all the elements at the supermarket - that's right, we've gotten rid of the thinners and solvents.
    • How to set up your palette and why
    • And more
  • Bonus Sketching Module Includes:
    • How to set up a drawing table - don't worry you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars for a special drafting table - better drawing = better paintings
    • The "Sketching Laws" - basic drawing principles that apply to all types of drawing
    • Applying Chiaroscuro - learning how to create form with light and shadow and color
    • The "Landscape Laws" - the architectonic laws that are the "secret sauce" to all great paintings

These hours of additional training will help you become a better artist.

Feel Like You Can Paint Anything

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  • Don't struggle to learn on your own
  • Don't waste money on workshops


  • Professional instruction at an affordable price
  • Join like-minded artists who will help you succeed

Become excited about painting.

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